The Athens County Trail Fund

Support the maintenance and development of outdoor recreation in Athens County!

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Support the maintenance and development of outdoor recreation in Athens County!

Athens County Trail Fund
The goal of the fund is to provide money for maintenance, enhancement, planning, expansion, connection or other value added projects for biking, equestrian, water, pedestrian and ADA accessible trails.

Why Trails
The Athens County area is known for its steep hills, narrow valleys, rock exposures and features, as well as its expanses of wild, open space. The terrain provides great opportunities for almost every type of outdoor recreation. Athens County provides the casual hiker or extreme mountaineer a multitude of terrains to meet a variety of physical and skill levels.

Baileys Trail System
You can choose to support the construction of this exciting new mountain bike-optimized trail in the Wayne National Forest by donating to the Trail Fund and designating Baileys Trail System. The 88 miles of single track trails are being professionally designed to maximize sustainability, protect natural resources, and provide a world-class mountain biking experience for beginner through expert mountain bikers, as well as a quality experience for other trail users. The Baileys Trail System will have direct community connections to Nelsonville, Buchtel, Chauncey, and Doanville, as well as bikeway connectivity to Athens and The Plains via the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway.

By making a contribution to the fund, you will help preserve and build on our amazing local outdoor recreational resources.

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